Best Cryptocurrency Courses
If you are considering getting into cryptocurrencies as an investor, trader, miner or developer of blockchain applications, you need to get a basic understanding of how this technology works. One way to learn about cryptocurrencies is by taking courses. 

Today, numerous platforms offer cryptocurrency courses to help beginners and professionals alike. Although these courses may not turn you into a crypto expert overnight, they will certainly provide you with a solid foundation. To ensure that you get the best value for your time and money, here’s a guide through some of the best cryptocurrency courses out there.

The list cuts across beginner, intermediate and advanced trading levels. Read on to find out which one best suits your needs.

RocketFuel Crypto Education by Robert Kyosaki and Jeff Wang

Target Audience: Beginners

Price: 7 days free trial. $47/month after.

This is an educational platform designed for people new to the crypto space. It offers education, project and strategies analyses and access to an exclusive learning community where you can interact with other crypto enthusiasts, who will offer you support and encouragement during your crypto journey as you learn and grow.

Although they do not provide financial advice, they are more or less like a permanent broker or helper who guides you through profitable habits and best practices in crypto. Learn here


Target Audience: Beginners to Advanced Learners

Price: $200 - $600

altFINS is an all-in-one learning platform with its own token - AFINS Tokens. Their educational resources are ideal for new crypto traders. The platform also provides a complete crypto trading course, plus archived webinars and excerpts from the trading course.

Their educational resources are available to Basic, Essential and Premium annual plans, although you can get a three-month Education plus Premium Bundle that provides unlimited access to the education webinar series. Learn here

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptocurrencies

Target Audience: Beginners

Price: $84.99

This course offers a launch pad for every aspiring cryptocurrency trader. It teaches how to sell and use cryptocurrency, and how to conduct standard operational procedures in cryptocurrency trading.

It is a short entry-level course and provides all the information about the basic elements of cryptocurrencies. With this course, you can decide if crypto trading is for you or whether you would switch to another type of trading. Learn here

Blockchain, Crypto Assets and Decentralized Finance from INSEAD

Target Audience: Beginners

Price: Free

This course offers a comprehensive deep dive into cryptocurrencies, how they work and how they are changing the world. It is taught by INSEAD, a leading business school in Europe.

The topics addressed in this course focus on crypto assets and how they are used in storing value, in commerce and in other applications like cybersecurity, governance and healthcare. The course is beginner friendly and they offer a certificate upon completion. Learn here.

Online Degree in Cryptocurrency and Trading from Blockchain Council

Target Audience: Intermediate Learners

Price: $349

This holistic cryptocurrency course covers topics like crypto pricing, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), crypto mining, hedging, the psychology of trading cryptos, exchanges, strategies and even legalities and taxation. This course is also suitable for people working in banking, consulting business development, wealth management and similar roles.

It is designed to equip learners with strategies for trading in the crypto market. Learn Here

Cryptocurrency Certification Program from MIT

Target Audience: Financial Services Executives

Price: $1960

This cryptocurrency course from MIT Media Lab unpacks the underlying blockchain technology. It also provides an understanding of how Bitcoin and other digital assets are created, transferred, and stored.

The course also explores trends in cryptocurrency and the evolving regulatory landscape. It teaches how to assess the viability of crypto projects which makes it suitable for executives, managers and organizational leaders in financial services.

They also offer certification upon completion. Learn here

CoinTelegraph Markets Pro Academy

Target Audience: Experienced Traders

Price: $99 per month; $545 for 6 months; $990 per year

This course is tailored for experienced traders and offers a single-strategy crypto algorithm that can allow you to turn small amounts of money into significant wealth when executed properly under the right conditions.

The course covers:

  • News items that will inform your trades
  • Discord community
  • Written and video lessons that explain how the system works

They provide accurate information on the assets you own, wish to purchase or research further. Learn here

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course from Udemy

Target Audience: Intermediate

Price: $84.99

This is a practical, intermediate-level course. It covers a wide range of topics, including - cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency investing, cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges and the creation of a diversified crypto portfolio,

The course focuses on real-world usage, practical benefits and crypto strategies you can implement immediately. Learn here

Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Fullstack Edition

Target Audience: Developers

Price: $84:99

If you are more interested in building blockchains and cryptocurrencies, this course is for you. Although it is suitable for beginners, it requires some technical knowledge in web development and programming.

This course also provides a deep dive into how cryptocurrencies work. This understanding will help you evaluate cryptos based on their underlying technical strengths. Learn here

Bulls On Crypto Street

Target Audience: Investors seeking to explore Crypto, the Metaverse and NFTs

Price: $798

This is a trading boot camp that teaches you how to successfully trade digital assets like NFTs, metaverse and DeFi cryptocurrencies.

The full course offers access to over 100 lessons on trading digital assets, a Q&A with the CEO, real-time crypto picks, and lifetime access to the Bulls on the Crypto Discord channel. Learn here

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